Has your hair stopped growing? Do you get scalp acne and have extra oily scalp? Probably you then have product buildup! Product buildup can clog your hair follicles leading to scalp acne and stunted hair growth. It is necessary you detox and cleanse your scalp at regular intervals in order to keep your scalp and hair clean and healthy. Cinnamon is a great scalp detox and hair cleansing agent and below is how you could use this wonder ingredient to deep clean hair along with its benefits:


  • Use of Cinnamon on scalp improves blood circulation.
  • Cinnamon can treat various hair problems like hair thinning, hair fall, and dandruff and can also stimulate hair growth.
  • It’s very popular for treating hair problems and the best thing is that it’s completely natural.
  • Cinnamon exfoliates scalp and hair and removes product and sebum buildup that unclogs follicles and pores.
  • Cinnamon speeds up cell division and contributes to natural hair growth.
  • Cinnamon soothes the scalp and also helps eradicate dandruff and itching.
  • Cinnamon detoxes the scalp really well, even better than commercial products and treats scalp acne and other infections.



In a bowl, mix together aloe vera (freshly scooped from leaf or 100% natural commercially obtained) and organic Ceylon cinnamon in equal quantities. Give it a good mix making sure there are no lumps. Use organic products for better results. Use this to scrub your scalp gently before you shampoo. Do this just once a month.


In a bowl, take 1 cup coconut oil and warm it a bit. To the warm oil, add 3 tablespoons of fine organic Ceylon cinnamon powder. Mix it well and apply on scalp and hair. Let it stay for 30 minutes and massage both scalp and hair gently. Shampoo it off and you are done! Do this just once a month.

** Warning**: Even though cinnamon is natural, it’s possible you may have an allergy reaction on the scalp that could cause irritation so do a patch test before using the cinnamon on your scalp.