Hair lightening and brightening are just easy ways of adding depth and contour to your hair! If you aren’t a fan of funky hair colors or chemicals on your hair or want to get a lighter shade but refrain from using toxic chemicals on hair, you probably would love this natural trick of hair lightening using camomile-


Step 1- In a brewing jar or saucepan, add 2 cups water and 3 tablespoons camomile flowers dried. Brew and let it cool down before straining.

Step 2- Pour the strained tea in a mug and add in some lemon juice if you have really dark hair.

Step 3- Pour it on freshly washed hair and wriggle out the excess. Do not wash off.

Do this every time you wash hair and your hair will gradually lighten.

Additional tip- Mist it on your hair before heading to the beach and watch lemon in the solution do the trick for additional lightening. Lemon and camomile work the best in direct sunlight.

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