Genuis Hacks That Will Soothe Your Sunburn Fast

Sunburn can catch you off guard, even when you use sunblock. It can be very painful and unpleasant. If you have a severe sunburn (a burn that has caused blisters, nausea, or extreme pain), head to the doctor. But for minor sunburns, try a few of these sunburn hacks to help soothe pain and itchiness and also help prevent your skin from peeling.


Pick up a cold plain yogurt, which contains a lot of probiotics that will help restore your skin’s natural barrier, and spread a thin layer over your sunburn. Let the yogurt sit for about 10 minutes, and then gently dab it off with a cold rag.


This age-old sunburn soother gets double the burn-fighting power when it’s frozen into ice cubes. The moisture from the aloe vera soothes while the coldness of the ice cube provides temporary relief. To make them, squeeze aloe vera into an ice cube tray and freezing overnight so you’re armed and ready the next time you get a little too much sun.


When you have terrible sunburn, even lying down on your sheets at night hurts. Dust a bit of cornstarch on your body or sprinkle it on your sheets before heading to bed to create a barrier between the fabric and your skin and to help minimize the painful friction.


Black tea is known to help relieve the painful stinging associated with sunburns. Brew a pot of strong black tea and let it cool (you can add ice cubes to speed up the process). Once its room temperature, dip a wash cloth in the brewed tea and dab it onto your sunburn.


Gentle baby wipes can help soothe and cool down your sunburn. Lay a cloth on top of your burn and let it work its magic.

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