Best Air Purifying Plants

Breathing a fresh air always necessary in order to have a healthy life style, due to excess deforestation we hardly inhale fresh air in our surroundings. Check out these 5 air purifier plants, I am sure you will get them home once you know its benefits and how important it is in this current century.

Best Air Purifying Plants

Boston Ferns: These are the most recommended once as they remove more formaldehyde compared to other plants. They remove the indoor pollution leaving behind the fresh air and also removes off the benzene and xylene. These plants need to be watered depending upon the humidity and moisture level of your home.

Palm Plants: Palm plants are also a good option to place at home to remove off the indoor pollution. The dwarf date palm is the best for formaldehyde removal.

English Ivy: It is a effective formaldehyde removal. Thanks to its climb structure as it is easy to grow and you can even give a good decorative element in your living space.

Peace Lilly: The peace Lilly with its sea shelled shape brings the touch of summer. It is best to remove the benzene and other certain elements that are emitted by harsh cleaning products.

Flowering Air purifiers: This one is the best selection to place in the living area to add on an extra touch to your house beauty. It worth having it as it is best to beat the trifecta of winter blues the dirty air. This noramlly prefers daily watering and a cool temperature.


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