Beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase

You might have heard and read a lot about satin pillow cases and how beneficial it is. Satin pillow case is something a lot of health and beauty conscious people have started using. If you suffer from skin problems and hair problems, a new satin pillowcase can be the simple solution you’re looking for! Changing your pillow covers to new and fresh cotton pillow cases is something people do to keep skin free of acne. If you are planning to do that, maybe you could spend a little more and consider buying a good quality satin pillow case for added benefits. Here are some beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin pillow case:

Beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcaseNO TANGLED HAIR

Cotton pillow cases are not nearly as smooth as satin ones and their roughness creates friction between your hair and the surface of the pillow which in turn can lead to hair breakage. Satin pillowcases are very smooth which means that your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping on them.


Cotton pillowcases can rob moisture from your face by absorbing your skin’s natural oils. Due to this your skin can become dry. If you are sleeping in AC, this would just add on to the dryness. Satin pillowcase can help you keep your skin soft and moisturized because satin doesn’t absorb your skin’s natural oils like how the cotton pillowcases do.


Like I said above, cotton makes your skin dry and dry skin is subjected to wrinkling sooner. Cotton doesn’t allow your skin to slide on the pillow as you move, which is why you can end up with sleep lines or wrinkles. Any repeated motion (such as a smile or frown) or activity (such as sleeping in a certain position) will result in extra loss of collagen. This means that if you sleep with a cotton pillowcase for long times, those lines you wake up to will eventually become permanent.


Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can result in tugging and creasing of your eyelashes due to frequent friction. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase does not cause friction; your eyelashes will stay much healthier.

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