5 Tips to prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the one of the signs of ageing. Do not wait till you turn 30 to fight against ageing, early age wrinkles are also possible now due to various reasons like pollution, sunlight etc. So some quick tips that you can keep in the consideration to protect your skin from wrinkles.

5 Tips to prevent Wrinkles

Avoid Sun:  Sun is the biggest cause for the dryness, wrinkles and darkening of skin, limited to sun exposure has less skin related issues and appeared to be younger overall.To protect your skin apply sunscreen daily.

Don’t Smoke: Smoking enhances skin aging by releasing the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin that are essential components of the skin.

Good sleep : Improper sleep always lead you to dark circles and early signs of aging. Avoid watching television or laptop during late nights. Sleeping in the wrong position also causes wrinkles so its advised to sleep on your back.

Proper diet : Increase the intake of green leaves and fruits, insufficient diet can lead to dull and dry skin.

Face massage: Apply the mixture of egg white with lemon especially near the eye area thrice in a week, this helps in tightening the skin and reduces wrinkles, gives special glow to your face.

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