5 Quick tips to remove coffee stains

Every individual had an experience of those slipping  coffee mug from their hands and spoil off their shirt or the table covers. Here we give you some instant coffee stain remover tips which can be very helpful for you all.

Quick tips to remove coffee stains

Beer or Club Soda: When you experience this anytime just grab a beer or a club soda and pour few drops on the coffee stain and rub it gently. Repeat the process till the strain goes off.

Vinegar Wash: Pour few drops of undiluted white vinegar on the stains and rub it gently before wash. If the stains are large than you need to soak the cloth overnight with 3 parts of vinegar to 1 part of cold water.

Baking Soda for cups and saucers: To remove stains from your favorite cups and saucers, you can dip the moist cloth in baking soda to form a stiff paste, then gently rub this moist cloth on the cups or saucers.

Egg Yolk: Yes this is a surprising one for me too. To remove stains you can just beat egg yolk and work into the coffee stains with terry cloth towel for about a minute.

Salt: If you want to remove the unattractive rings on the tea cups grab some salt onto a sponge and rub it across the stain. If the stain is too hard to remove than add equal amount of white vinegar to it and rub it with a sponge

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