3 Quick tips to treat sunburned skin

Summers can be extremely hot, unless you slather on sunscreen or use an umbrella or a hat, then you are definitely going to be burnt, and if you do, then here are few tips and tricks to treat it right:

3 Quick tips to treat sunburned skinCool: When you get a sun burn the first thing you have to do is cool the area, use an ice cube or splash cold water on the area. Apply chilled aloe vera gel to your skin to instantly treat a sunburn.

Soak : Add a cup of milk to your bath water and soak for 5-10mins or dip a clean wash cloth in a bowl of cold milk and use it on the burned area for few mins.

Soothe: Gently exfoliate the area using oatmealĀ to get rid of the top layer of skin and apply cold natural yogurt. It contains enzymes and acids in yogurt will help cure the sunburn.

QUICK TIP: If your using makeup, skip the powder to avoid your makeup from being cakey, use moisturizer and apply light liquid foundation.

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