Lemon can be said as tiny fruit filled with bundle of benefits. It is one fruit which you should never miss in your grocery shopping due to its vast benefits. Check out some unknown facts of lemon mentioned below.

Wonder Fruit - Lemon

Reduces Weight: Drinking mixture of lemon and honey with the warm water on empty stomach in the morning increases the chance of reducing weight, lemon contains fibre called pectin that helps make you feel full and keeps craving at bay. Excess intake of lemon can effect in bone dissolving so to be on safer side have this only thrice in a week.

Skin Lightening : Lemon contains citric and intake or external use of citric contained fruits are always beneficial when it comes to beauty side.  Applying mixture of lemon and honey can helps to reduce the scars on the face and also helps in lightening the skin tone.

Soft Skin : To get a silky soft skin apply mixture of olive oil and lemon daily or thrice in a week. Apply the mixture before bath and after 15 min take a shower with warm water. To scrub the body you can use groundnut powder, this helps to remove the excess oil and dead cells from the body.

Shinny hair : Long or short  but everyone wishes to have a healthy shiny hair. Mixture of egg white with lemon adds extra shine to your hair. Apply this mixture from root to the tip of your hair and after 20 min take a shower with warm water.

Helps in digestion : Drinking lemon juice or any other citric contaminated fruits helps in cleansing the stomach and flushing out unwanted toxins out of the body.