WAYS TO SHARPEN SCISSORS AT HOMEWith consistent use, scissors can get blunt and useless. If you are having trouble cutting with dull scissors, you might consider going out and buying another pair, since scissors are relatively inexpensive. But, you can also sharpen those using easy tricks; read on to know what they are:


All you need is your dull pair of scissors and a piece of sandpaper! Just fold the sandpaper in half, rough sides out and cut through it with your scissors ten to twenty times. The grit on the paper will sharpen the blades right away!


Aluminium foil too can be used to sharpen the scissors. Take a piece of aluminium foil, about 8-10 inches long, and fold it lengthwise multiple times so you have a thick, folded strip of foil. After you are done folding the sheet of foil several times, cut through it with a pair of dull scissors to sharpen the blades.


Sharpening stones can be found at most hardware stores, and can be used to sharpen any blade you have. If you have very dull scissors, you should start out using the coarse side of the stone, and then use the finer side of the stone to finish your sharpening.