Wallpaper is often displayed on a wall for years, which means that it attracts a lot of dirt and dust. Patterned wallpaper is great at hiding dust, grime, and even stains. Because you cannot easily see dirt buildup on many wallpaper designs, you may be surprised by how dirty your wallpaper has become. While most wallpaper can withstand occasional cleanings, you need to be gentle to avoid tearing the paper. Here are the effective ways in which you can clean wallpaper:

WAYS TO CLEAN WALLPAPER– The best thing you can do to keep the wall covering in most rooms looking pristine is to simply use a vacuum cleaner on regular basis. A soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner works best and is a must if the paper is flocked or has any kind of texture.

-Give your kitchen wallpaper an occasional wipe. In rooms where wall coverings are exposed to grease, steam, or active youngsters, dusting is not enough. A light washing every few months is in order. Luckily, the wall coverings used in such areas are usually waterproof sheet vinyl. Give them a quick swipe with a natural sponge dampened in water with a squirt of dishwashing liquid.

-Rub fingerprints away with a piece of bread. The gluten in the bread removes stains from the wallpaper.

-Apply talcum powder to remove grease spots. Pour talcum powder on a washcloth. Rub the cloth on the wallpaper and let the powder sit for 10 minutes. Remove the powder from the wall with a dry sponge or brush.

-Need to clean a stain off a fabric or reed wall covering? Or off uncoated wallpaper? You can clean a covering that would be damaged by water using a special product called wallpaper dough, sold at paint stores and home centres.

Use these easy techniques to keep your wallpaper clean.