These days, most store-bought cleaning products are laden with unpronounceable chemicals that you really don’t want to put in your laundry. Wouldn’t you generally prefer to use the most natural products in your household and on your laundry? Lemons are a powerful citrus fruit with enzymes in their acids that are strong enough to totally clean your laundry including stubborn stains! Here are the top uses for lemon in laundry:



Boil some water in a tea kettle or on the stove and wet the rust stain with lemon juice. Hold the stained area directly over the steam for a few minutes, taking care not to get a steam burn. Then just wash the garment as you normally would.


A paste of lemon and salt is a great spot treatment for tough mildew stains. Simply apply the paste to the stain, set the item in the sun to dry and then wash as you normally would preferably in hot water to kill any remaining mold spores. You will see the amazing results.


Place your white clothes in a large basin. Fill the basin with very hot water and add a generous amount of lemon juice. Allow your white clothes to soak overnight. The next day, remove your clothes from the basin and place in your washing machine with whatever product you’re using to wash your clothes. Wash as usual, and your whites should be brighter than ever!


Vinegar is a great cleaning product, but it doesn’t have the best of smells. However, infusing the essential oils which are contained within the peels of lemon or another citrus fruit into the vinegar can both make vinegar smell much better, and also make it an even stronger cleaner since citrus essential oils are great degreasers.

How to make and use: To make your own lemon scented vinegar for cleaning just combine three whole lemon peels, cut up into slices, and two cups of vinegar, into a sealable container and let sit for four weeks, shaking the mixture vigorously two times per week. Then, after it has been soaking for four weeks strain the liquid and pour into a spray bottle and it’s ready to use! You may use it on the stains and keep it for 2 hours or pour 1-2 tablespoons per load.