We all love our coffee and won’t avoid it even after knowing it stains teeth really bad. If you are a regularly coffee drinker, your teeth might have turned yellow for sure! Coffee and tea tend to stain teeth which can get prominent gradually. So what can be done to avoid staining? Here are few tips that can save your teeth from coffee stains:


Stains develop when coffee comes in contact with your teeth for longer. An easy way is to drink your coffee faster. As a result, the coffee has less time to soak your teeth and leave behind a nasty stain.


If you are a slow coffee drinker or like drinking it slow, you better use a straw if you don’t want your teeth to turn yellow. Straw does not allow teeth to frequently come in contact with coffee. Drinking coffee with a straw might look weird but that certainly works. Just make sure the coffee is not very hot while you put straw in it.


Chewing on a chewing gum can be great way to prevent staining teeth from coffee. If you already had your coffee and now regret, chewing gum can make you stress-free! Chew on a sugar-free chewing gum for 20 minutes after you had a coffee. It will stimulate saliva production and it washes away the acids and plaque from your teeth thus removing that stain as well.


It is necessary to use a dental floss in the morning and before bedtime to remove and prevent plaque formation. Plaque has the tendency to adsorb staining molecules and particles. This can certainly attract coffee stains. So make sure you regularly floss your teeth to prevent and avoid coffee stains.