Overnight breakfast – Scrambled eggs using Microwave

Scrambled eggs using Microwave

Short on time to make breakfast before going to work? Why not make a healthy breakfast at work?

Ingredients :

2-3 eggs
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil or butter
2 tbsp milk (optional)

Method :

1. Grease the microwaveable box with olive oil or butter. If you do this the egg batter will not stick to the bowl while cooking.
2. Egg Batter : Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper in the box.
3. Microwave for 50-60seconds ; stir and microwave for 30seconds longer.

You may also prepare the egg batter the previous night and refrigerate the box.Next day morning carry the box to work. Microwave and the breakfast is ready in 2mins 🙂

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