We often spill stuff on our clothing, but the toughest of stains like oil and grease stains can be a bit tough to get rid of. Oil and grease stains can run your clothing and carpets but don’t let them ruin yours! There are a lot of tricks that you can use to remove them especially the set-in ones. Here are some of the tricks and tips:


Talcum and baby powder can effectively remove any oily stain from almost any surface. If the stains are fresh, you can simply just put talcum or baby powder on it and let it soak the oil or grease. But, what if the stains are old? You need some solvent to dissolve the oil and the lift it up using talcum powder or baby powder. Keep the clothing flat on a surface and pour a bit of makeup remover or micellar water on it. let it get soaked in the cloth and then sprinkle a lot of baby powder or talcum powder over it. Keep it that way for few hours and then simply put your clothing for washing. If you do this on a carpet, you may just vacuum it up.


Aloe vera gel can effectively remove oil and grease stains. Remove the thick gel from aloe vera leaf and keep it aside. Soak your stained clothing in water for 15 minutes and then apply this gel on the spots liberally. Put the clothing for regular wash in washing machine and the stain should be no more.


Eucalyptus oil too can help your stained material. Like I mentioned earlier, soak the cloth in water for 15-20 minutes and then wring it to remove excess water. Liberally apply eucalyptus essential oil over the stain and rub it for few minutes. immediately put the cloth for washing and it should remove the stain completely.