All might have experienced this situation and have gone through the tuff  time to remove off the paint from your skin. So today will tel you the simple way of removing the paint from your skin. The first thing to check with the paint is whether it is a water based or latex or oil based. If the product is of water based or latex just wash your hands with warm water and soap, this should remove off the paint form the skin and if the paint is oil based check out the below mentioned steps to follow.

Remove paint from hands

Remove Paint with Baby Oil : Wash the skin painted area with water. Now soak the cotton ball in the baby oil and rub it on the dry skin painted area with the help of cotton ball or cotton cloth, wash it off with soap. Repeat the procedure till the skin turns clean.

Remove paint with salt and essential oil: Take a oil in a small bowl and dip a cotton cloth or the cotton ball into the solution. Now Sprinkle the salt over the skin painted area and scrub with the oil on it, rinse with warm water. This will act as the best scrubber for the skin to remove  off the paint form the skin.

Remove paint with Mayonnaise: Apply mayonnaise on the skin painted area and rub it gently. Let it stay on the hand for some time then rinse it with warm water.

Turpentine Oil: Use this if the paint is stubborn and do apply the moisture once your done with the procedure as it is quite drying to the skin. Apply the oil with the help of cotton ball or cotton cloth. Rub it on the skin painted area and wash it off with warm water. You can also use Vicks Va-pour rub instead of turpentine as it contains turpentine oil and other essential oil too.