Now decorating the kitchen with different shapes of glass and bottles are in fashion. Do not throw your glass bottles and jars just remove the labels and turn your kitchen a new place for innovation. Here is a quick tip on removing labels from the jars or bottles.

Remove labels of jar or bottles easily

Method 1: Ingredients required:

  • Baking Soda
  • Oil (You can opt any oil as you wish)

How to use?

Step 1: First soak the bottle in the soap water for approx 10mins, this will remove the major portion of the labels.

Step 2: Next clean it with cloth and remove the moist from the bottle.

Step 3: Now take equal ratio of baking soda and olive oil to prepare a thick paste.

Step 4: Apply the paste on the bottle and leave it for about 30 min.

Step 5: Scrub the bottle with utensils scrubber pad and then rinse it with warm water.

Method 2: Soak –  Fill the kitchen sink with hot water, poured in about a cup of baking soda. Then I gently submerged the bottle in the water and left it to soak for 30 mins or add one teaspoon of dish soap to the bowl along with the bottles and jars. Carefully pour the hot water back into the bowl and let the bottles soak until the water is room temperature. The hot water melts label adhesives while the soap helps release paper from the glass.

Method 3: Scrub –  Once you remove the bottles from the sink and if the labels have not come of easily then, mix together equal amounts of baking soda and olive oil. Rub the mixture all over the sticky parts of the glass jar. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off.