Beautiful and glowing skin is something that’s makes us look good and attractive. Skin can have variety of problems with every passing day. It is natural for skin to lose the glow and healthy look because skin ages as our body grows old. Skin may also develop pigmentation and uneven skin tone does look unattractive! Nothing can work better than potato to even out skin tone, brighten it up and lighten pigmentation marks. Below are some ways to use potato for uneven skin tone-


Take a fresh potato and extract its juice. Now mix equal amount of potato juice, honey and lemon juice in a bowl. Using cotton pad apply this mixture on your dark spots or you can also apply it all over your face for better results. Do this regularly to see visible and quick results. More: Beauty remedies using potato >>

Remedy 2:

Mix one tbsp. of potato juice with 1 tbsp. of cucumber juice in bowl. Using a cotton pad apply it evenly on your face. Use it before makeup, before night cream, after washing face etc. Make sure you always apply it on your skin for the potato to work.

Remedy 3:

Potato has natural bleaching properties that lighten the skin tone evening it out and fades away dark spots. Put the grated potatoes over cheesecloth and make a bundle. Squeeze out all the juice from the grated potatoes and collect it in a bowl. Apply this on your dark spots and pigmented skin and leave it on overnight to fade the spots and acne scars. More: Treat dark spots overnight >>

Remedy 4:

Peel a potato and make piece of medium thickness. Grate the raw potato finely and transfer into a clean bowl. To this bowl add powdered oats and honey. Mix well and allow the mixed ingredients for just about 2 minutes to set altogether well. Apply on face and wash off after 20 minutes.