Peeling garlic is a really tuff task, it not easy as you feel the onions and other vegetables but not to worry today will tell you  simple ways of peeling the garlic skin.

Peel Garlic Easily

  • #Method 1: Cut the garlic into cloves. Now place these garlic cloves in a small to medium sized metal or ceramic bowl and place a tight lit over the top. Now shake the bowl for about 15mins. Open the container you can see garlic cloves have been pealed, If some of your cloves are only partially peeled, shake them for a few more seconds as hard as you can.
  • #Method 2: You can peel the garlic cover with the help of silicon peeler. Place the cloves of garlic inside the silicon peeler. Roll the heel of your hand against the top of the tube. You will have to apply a good amount of pressure to do this but do not worry your hands remains unharmed by the rough garlic because of its silicon barrier.
  • #Method 3: Lay an unpeeled garlic clove on a flat surface and place the flat end of a chef’s knife over it. Make sure to face the sharp side of the knife’s blade away from you. Now carefully smash the top of the knife with the bottom of your outstretched palm. You can see the cover of the clove has come out and now complete the process by peeling it off with your hands.