From commons allergens and skin irritants to chemicals that are known to cause brain damage in rats, most soap on store shelves is full of ingredients that can be both harmful to our bodies and our environment. Homemade hand soaps are always better than the store bought ones and most of you would agree to this! Here is a simple recipe for a non-toxic foaming hand soap; The great thing about this non-toxic foaming hand soap below is that you don’t have to worry about exposing you and your family to any of the unsafe chemicals in store-bought soaps ever again!


  • Easy to make
  • Contains no SLS and parabens
  • No side effects
  • Does not dry out your hands
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Goodness of essential oils


Things you need:

  • 12-ounces of Water (distilled or boiled is best but not needed if it will be used within a few weeks)
  • 2 Tablespoons Liquid Castille Soap
  • ½ tsp liquid oil like, coconut olive or almond
  • Essential oils of your choice


Combine liquid Castile soap with water or distilled water in a foaming hand soap pump. Stir or swirl gently to combine. Add the oil (optional but it helps preserve the life of the dispenser) and any essential oils if you are using them. Close and lightly swish to mix.Use as you would any regular foaming soap.