Aromatherapy has been shown to have a profound impact on lifting moods and also treating conditions like headaches, sinus, cold etc. by using specific  essential oils. The purpose of an essential oil diffuser is to spread the aroma of essential oils throughout a home, deodorizing and purifying the air, making a room smell great, and lifting the mood. Some require electricity to heat the essential oils, while others use reeds to diffuse the aroma. How about making your own cheap and chemical-free essential oil diffuser?


This homemade air freshener is a really quick and easy way to get some scent into the air making your home smell nice and fancy with virtually no work!

You need rice, a small bowl or container and an essential oil (or blends). Take out your rice and either pour it into the container you will be using, or (if it’s too small) into a larger container you can mix your ingredient in. Next, add in 15 – 20 drops of essential oil. Depending on what oils you’re using and your personal preferences you may need to add in a little more or less, just make it your own! The rice is important in this homemade air freshener recipe because it’s what holds in the essential oils and slowly disperses them into the air.


These scented candles are super simple to make and you can make them in any scent you want.

All you need is a votive candle, essential oil of your choice and a jar. Light your votive candle and let the wax melt as much as possible. It might take 30 minutes to melt the upper layer completely. After the wax has mostly melted blow out the candle (make sure you blow the candle before adding essential oils as most of the oils are flammable). Add between 5-8 drops of essential oil to the votive candle. Give the candle a light jiggle so as to mix the oil in it. let it sit for 5 minutes and re-light the candle. You are done!