At a certain point during the year not only Christmas decoration or skiing equipment, but also winter boots disappear somewhere in the closet or the garret until they will be needed again next season. What do you do with your winter boots during the off season? Shove them back in the closet? Leave them sitting by the door, collecting dust? In order to store them professionally and keep them safe, there are a few things to be considered.


Plastic bins commonly fit in the top or bottom of a closet, or under a bed. If you don’t like the look of plastic or have no closet space for shoe storage, place them in a decorative chest, box or hollow bench. Avoid shoe racks, cubbies, shelf-style or tree-style shoe holders, and other open storage. Aside from leaving you with clutter, open storage allows your shoes to pick up new dirt during the off season!


Pack tall boots with tissue paper to help them keep their shape throughout the summer months. Fill the boots with tissue paper balls and wrap them in newspaper or tissues itself. Keep them in dry dark places inside the closet. Make sure you don’t stuff heavy materials over them.


You may keep your shoes in plastic/carton shoe boxes. The boxes will keep dust off your shoes and bugs out of the fabric and leather. I suggest putting a lavender sachet into each box to keep odours to a minimum. Also, if any of your shoes should need shoe trees to help keep their shape, I suggest putting those into your shoes, too.


Boot shapers keep your shoes in form when you’re not using them, or for a simpler, less expensive solution, place a rolled-up magazine in the boot. It will expand slightly to the size of the boot and keep it up upright, maintaining the correct shape. Fall and winter footwear can be stored under the bed in a flat shoe-storage bag. Not only will this keep them clean and safe from getting trampled, but when you pull them out again next fall, they’ll feel new again.