Broken glass can be a serious pain when it comes to cleaning. Any minute or tiny particle can cause serious harm. Whilst it can be easy to spot the large shards of broken glass, picking up the splinters is another story and nobody wants to risk accidentally picking up glass splinters in hands, feet and on the knees of crawling babies and pets. Read on to know tips on how to properly pick u broken glass:


  • Wet a piece of cotton wool. Dab this over the area where the glass splinters are; the damp cotton wool will pick up the glass splinters.
  • Sweep up everything you can and dispose of the pieces in a paper grocery bag. Take a slice of soft sandwich bread and press it into the floor, the way you would press a stamp onto a stamp pad. The dust-like particles that can’t be swept stick to the bread. Continue pressing until the bread is coated with glass.
  • Fold a paper towel a few times, then dampen before pressing into the glass shards. Make sure it’s folded thick enough that the pieces won’t go through the paper.
  • Grab a raw spud or really any other larger root vegetable, cut it in half, then press the cut halves into the glass.
  • A tape works equally well! Tape will pick those little glass pieces right up. Use the thickest, widest tape you can find to avoid cutting yourself.