Drying herbs is an easy and useful way of preserving them for use in cooking. Drying herbs is an economically savvy food preservation strategy, too, because fresh and dried herbs and teas demand high prices at the grocery store. Besides, your own dried herbs will taste better than store-bought because they’ll be newer and thus more pungent.

HOW TO DRY FRESH HERBSRead on to know how to dry herbs:

  • Lay a clean tea towel out flat on a suitable surface. Alternatively, use a dish drying rack. Lay the tea towel on the rack; this will allow for greater air circulation. Wash the herbs gently and Lay each herb stem/stalk or sprig on the tea towel. Place it in the sun for a day (might require more than a day for places where sunlight is not strong) and keep checking if it has dried up. store it in an air-tight container and use as and when required.
  • Wash the herbs and air dry. Cut the herbs when dew has completely dried off. Tie into a bundle with a rubber band. Keep the leaves and flowers facing downward. Hang somewhere on the porch or off a hanger in a spot that gets full sun. Leave for several days to dry, checking every now and then. You could also use a paper bag to cover the herbs. The paper bag can speed up the drying process and catch falling seeds, leaves, etc.
  • You may also try air-drying at home. Herbs can be dried on a rack or screen. An old window screen can be used if clean and in decent shape. Position such a screen to allow the air to move freely both sides of the screen. If using a screen, you’ll need to turn the herbs daily to prevent curling.

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