Keyboards are tend to be greasy and dirty because we like our close companions like coffee, chips, chocolates and what not around while we type. Being a blogger, I use the laptop all day and always have something or the other to eat handy near the keyboard or on the computer table. How much ever care you take, food particles love your keyboard and they build up on it with time making your keyboard dirty and greasy. Here are few tips to clean your laptop keyboard:


If you have dust stuck between the keys, compressed air can help you clean it. Simply put the long spray tube in front of the compressed air pump and use it to clean the keyboard. Gently press the pump in between every key and in the nicks and corners of the keyboard. You can also use the compressor to clean corners of the screen that get dusty.


Rubbing alcohol can effectively remove sticky food stains, dirt, dust and also stuck food particles. All you need is a cotton swab, toothpick, cotton and rubbing alcohol. Dip cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and use it to clean the crevices between each key and also the top of the keys to remove the sticky layer. To remove dirt from corners and hard to reach places, grab a toothpick and wrap the tip with cotton. Dip the tip in rubbing alcohol and use it to clean the nicks and corners. Finally, gently wipe the keyboard using dry cloth.


If you have an old makeup brush, use it to dust the keyboard frequently to avoid grime and dirt from forming stubborn stains. You can also use old liner or lipstick brush to clean the crevices between keys regularly.