Erase boards or white boards are easy to use, like you just have to write and wipe which is neat and does not leave any stain behind. However, leaving the marker writing on it for longer can stain them and it can clearly be seen since the board is white in colour. It’s easy to clean such boards with just simple ingredients that are easily available. Read on to know how to do it:


Yes, you read that right! Marked stained surfaces on the board can be cleaned using a marker itself. Color the stained areas in patches using the marker. Let it dry for few minutes and wipe everything off using a dry cloth. The stains come right away when you do this. Now, take a damp cloth and wipe the entire white board to remove any residual stains and marker particles.


Make a solution of 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to every 1 cup of water. Put it either in your spray bottle or bowl. Either dampen the cloth from the bowl and wipe down the board, or spray the solution directly onto the board, and use the cloth to spread it around and wipe it down.


Some dry erase boards have a coarse surface which can make cleaning difficult. In such cases, rubbing alcohol can do the trick. Take a sponge or a soft cloth and soak it with rubbing alcohol. Use this to rub the stained areas and continue doing so until you see no more stains. Finally, dampen a cloth with water and use it to wipe the surface to remove any residue.


Nail polish remover or acetone works just as great as the rubbing alcohol. Make sure you use a nail polish remover that contains acetone since the non-acetone ones won’t completely work. Tale a soft cloth and pour little quantity of nail polish remover on it. Use the soaked area to rub stained surfaces on the board. After you are done cleaning with a nail polish remover, use a damp cloth to clean the surfaces again to remove any residual marker particles.