Found in everything from skin treatments and household cleaners to dietary supplements, essential oils have loads of beneficial uses around the house. But why shell out your hard-earned money at the health food store when you can whip up a batch of natural essential oil yourself?

If you’re looking for an essential oil that can be versatile enough to be used in a myriad of ways around the house, look no further than orange essential oils. After all, after you eat an orange, most people just throw away the peels without giving them a second thought. Now, you can recycle those same peels so that they can still be useful!


Things you need:

  • Orange peels
  • Some vodka (as per needed; depends on the amount if orange peels)


  • Lay the peels on the cookie sheet, tray or towel and let them air dry (do not put them in a dehydrator or you will lose the oil!) until the peels are rock hard. Sun drying is the best way to dry them though it will take longer!
  • Use the food process/chopper/knife to cut the dry peels into small bits. Do not over process the peels in the food processor/chopper until they are mushy or you will lose the oil in the peel.
  • Add the chopped peels to the jar with the tight fitting lid and cover the peels in vodka (3-4 inches above the pile of peels)
  • Shake the jar to release the oil several times a day for several days (a week approx.). The longer you let the peels steep the more orange oil you will extract.
  • Strain the extract and store in dark glass bottle.