Ginger -- A home remedy for instant headache relief Headaches are your body’s response to physical or emotional stress. That stress can make the muscles in your head and neck contract to create tension headaches. Or it can make blood vessels constrict and later expand to produce migraines or vascular headaches. There are a variety of OTC medicines to cure headaches but they are not an option for frequent headaches. Here am with easy and effective headache remedies using ginger:

  • Create a homemade ginger tea by gently simmering three quarter-sized slices of gingerroot in 2 cups of water, covered, for 30 minutes. Ginger may work against migraines and headaches by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis.
  • Take dry ginger powder (as much as you would need to make a paste). Add a little warm water to it and apply this paste over your forehead. It is best to rest with your eyes closed in a calm room to allow that ginger paste to take effect.
  • Crush a piece of ginger or use a tablespoon of dry ginger powder and add it to boiling hot water, inhale the vapours and get instant relief from a headache.
  • You can also mix equal parts of ginger juice and lemon juice. Consume it once or twice a day.