Garlic can make your food taste delicious and it is also good for the heart and is loaded with anti-oxidants, but the smell can linger in your mouth far longer than any dinner would like. Garlic and other members of the allium plant family (onions, shallots, leeks) produce cysteine sulphoxide and this gives them their distinct odour and taste. These sulphuric compounds are very similar to the compounds that are produced by the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath. Drinking water is what we all do for fresh breath, but along with water, you can also treat garlic breath with the help of some readily available ingredients from your kitchen cupboard.


Lemon is very effective in neutralizing the garlic odour and it is also has anti-bacterial properties that will kill bacteria. Try sucking on a lemon wedge after eating garlic. Also washing your hands with lemon juice helps to remove the odour from your hands.


Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde, an essential oil that not only covers up garlic breath, but also reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Boil one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water. You may add some bay leaves and cardamom too. Strain the solution and use it as a mouth rinse.


Various people have reported that chewing coffee beans or grounds for a bit and then spitting them out helps reduce garlic breath.


Due to its pH balancing effects, apple cider vinegar makes a wonderful remedy for garlic breath. Stir one tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink it before eating your meals. The vinegar will help in digestion as well as cure bad breath.


Normal as well as herbal teas can also help combat garlic breath. The antioxidant polyphenols present in both green and black tea can stop the growth of bacteria responsible for bad breath.