We all know that our eyes are the windows to the outside world. Often we neglect them and suffer from blurred vision, aching eyes and myriad other eye related problems. Acupressure is an ancient therapy that has been used to treat and cure various diseases. Acupressure has been claimed to be an ancient science that revolves around meridians through which energy flows when it comes up against a barrier or when energy pools at some points. When such an obstruction happens, these spots feel painful and cause various illnesses. It is thought that acupressure helps in flaking away the barrier or reshuffling the accumulated energy.

GET BETTER EYESIGHT WITH FOOT MASSAGEThere are acupressure points for a number of ailments including poor eye sight or eye pain. Foot massage with proper foot acupressure can help you with your eyesight and any other problem related to eyes.


  • Sit in a relaxed position and hold your right leg with your hands. You can thumb walk your toe thoroughly for a better blood circulation in the body. This will help to heal different kind of eye ailments.
  • The First Toe Point is situated on the tip of the First Toe on both feet. Massage the tip of your first toe with your Thumb. Repeat the same procedure on another foot. Applying pressure on First Toe Tip regularly will heal many the disorders and sickness of Eyes.
  • Next, find the bigger rushing. This spot is on the top of your foot. You’ll find it down the foot a bit, where the big toe meets the little toe. You need to find the webbing. It’s not actually between the toes but on the top. Massage the area gently with your fingertips. To make it easier, you can also use the heel of your other foot to gently press into this point for 30 seconds.
  • You could also massage in the depression between the first and second Metatarsals on the foot. This foot point helps in stress and feelings of tightness, headaches, sore eyes, eye disorders, blurred vision, eye pressure, cataracts, hangover