EASY WAYS TO REMOVE LINT FROM CLOTHESRemoving lint from clothes is a tough task indeed! lint can certainly be a scourge- it’s pesky, unsightly, and a pain to remove! Here are some of the easy ways to remove lint from clothing:

  • If you know a garment is prone to shedding, wash it inside it out. However, if you have an item that’s already covered in lint (a white tee worn under a dark sweater, for example), wash it with the right side out to help the lint escape.
  • Grab a piece of Scotch tape to remove lint from small areas.
  • If you have a piece of clothing already covered in lint but don’t want to wash it, toss it in the dryer on an “air only” setting with a clean dryer sheet (and be sure to empty out the lint-filled dryer filter or drawer.)
  • Attach the furniture brush attachment to the hose of vacuum and lightly brush the surface of the clothing, back and forth. It is slow tedious work, but isn’t a sticky tape roller too? This works, you won’t have to rip the used section of sticky tape off the roller so it is much less costly!
  • You may even soak the clothes in diluted vinegar to speed up the lint removing process.
  • Razor may also be used in removing the nasty and irritating lint! All you need to do is move razor in an appropriate angle on the clothing to free the lint from surface and then dust it away.
  • Rub a stone gently against surface of the clothing. Do not rub too hard and do not use on delicate fabric such as silk
  • Guess what else removes lint like a champ? A damp standard scouring pad.
  • Dampen a clean dryer sheet and rub it gently on your lint-covered piece, while blasting it with the cool-setting from your hairdryer.