Floor wipes turns dirty very soon and spending cash on floor wipes is also an extra budget plan in your monthly home shopping. Today will share a simple method of reusing the floor wipes and how they can also be used for other purposes too.

DIY Reusable Floor Wipes

Step 1: Grab the ingredients first. 1/4 cup each of water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, 1 table spoon of liquid dish soap.

Step 2: Purchase sealable plastic and cotton cleaning cloths, You can find these easily in the stores. Now in a bowl  mix all the above mentioned ingredients in the ratio mentioned above.

Step 3: Trim and measure the cotton cloths as needed to fit your floor mop. You can even fold the cloths and give them a proper shape but make sure you cover the floor mop properly.

Step 4: Now fold the cloths to fit in the plastic container and allow the cloths to absorb the floor washing solution. When your are not using the wipes seal the container so that the wipes stay damp and are ready when needed.

Step 5: While using it, if it turns dry turn it into moist with bit of water. and once your done with the cleaning, toss them into the washing machine.