Dandruff, also known as seborrhoea dermatitis is a common scalp disorder. It can occur due to dry skin, irritated oily skin, growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, inflammatory skin conditions and other such factors. There are a lot of anti-dandruff treatments out there; both natural and commercial that can control dandruff to an extent. You may have used treatments like shampoos, scalp lotions, scalp masks etc. but I am sure you may have never used an anti-dandruff hair spray! Here is an easy DIY Dandruff hair spray you can try:


  • Easy to make
  • Easy to use
  • Apple cider vinegar restores the pH balance of the scalp, thereby inhibiting the growth of yeast. It also works as a natural hair clarifier and helps clean clogged pores and hair follicles.
  • Scalp dryness can be cured with regular use of extra-virgin olive oil, an effective natural moisturizer.
  • Tea tree oil has strong antifungal properties, making it a good treatment for dandruff.


Things you need-

  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 10 drops tea tree oil


  • Combine all the ingredients and pour in a spray bottle.
  • Shake it thoroughly before spraying!

To use:

  • If you want to use like a pre-wash treatment, you may simply spray it on the scalp, massage and keep it for 2 hours before shampooing.
  • This spray can also be used after hair washing .