Almost all of our house cleaners and home deodorizers are of synthetic origin. The labels of many mainstream home products like spray cleansers, hand soaps, and toothpastes reveal toxic ingredients that a growing body of research indicates may be harmful even in small amounts. But don’t despair, as this article will cover the essential oils that are particularly powerful in sanitizing and disinfecting your home and ways to use them for the same.


  • One of the most popular essential oils of late is Tea Tree Oil. Add tea tree oil to water to use as a cleaner, disinfectant, and purifier during cold and flu season. Dilute with water to clean and disinfect your floors, toilets, toys, mattress and all areas of your kitchen.
  • Eucalyptus is another essential oil that has disinfecting properties. When added with lemon oil and distilled water, it is an effective antibacterial spray that can be used throughout your home.
  • When added to carrier oil like olive oil, orange essential oil is great for cleaning your wooden cutting board.Use it as a deodorizer. Put a few drops of the essential oil on a cotton ball and leave it in your cooler after you’ve finished using it for the season. When you open it the following season, you’ll find a fresh orange scent instead of a musty odour.
  • Another essential oil that is good for household cleaning is lavender. Not only does it help clean your house, the aroma is very pleasant and relaxing.

When cleaning your home, there are many products on the market. However, if you add an essential oil to things you already have, such as vinegar, water, or economically friendly dish soap, you will increase their effectiveness and leave a nice smell throughout your home.