If you have speakers in your home, you know the fronts are serious attractors of lint, dust, hair, and anything else floating around your home. If the speakers in your home are looking a little less than clean, it is time to learn how to clean your speakers. Read on to know how to clean speakers easily:


Using a lint roller is the easiest way to clean your speaker! Lint roller is a quick and easy solution that makes everything better in seconds. Simply roll it over the top of lint-filled speaker fronts.

For dirt buildup around the speaker cone, remove the outer housing and use a cotton swab to carefully wipe the surfaces around the cone but avoid touching the cone itself.

Use the soft brush to brush the grill that covers the outside of the cabinet. Remove the grill and use a soft brush to brush away any dust, dirt or debris from the inside of the cabinet. Use mild soap and water and a rag to clean the outside of the cabinet. Gently remove all grime, finger prints, dust and dirt. Re-install the grill onto the cabinet.

To clean PC and car speakers you could use a dust buster or hand-held vacuum to gently clean the plastic or metal grill covering the speakers. Vacuum away any dust or dirt particles.