Cough, cold, throat scratch are very common stuff. Each individual might have gone through all this and every time taking tablets is not the solution, you can always treat them naturally with the homemade cough syrups.

Best natural Cough Syrups

Honey, Ginger and Garlic syrup: The honey acts as a demulcent means it relaxes the cough reflex and soothes the throat. Take a glass of water with 1 table spoon of honey with chopped ginger and garlic. Add a dash of sage, thyme or oregano and allow to steep overnight at room temperature. Strain and use the liquid as cough syrup.

Honey, Lemon and cinnamon: Take a one quarter of water and add the 1/4 cup of ginger root, 1/4 of chamomile flowers, 1/4 marshmallow root and 1 table spoon of cinnamon. Steam the solution for some time. Once it cools down strain the solution in a bottle in which you want to store it. Now add 1/4 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of honey into the solution. Now your syrup is ready for intake.

Honey, lemon and Coconut oil : Honey has powerful anti-viral and anti-microbial properties were as lemon is know to boost the immune system and Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and contains lauric acid, which is antibacterial and antiviral. Mix these three ingredients together and you have yourself a super immune boosting syrup that will help alleviate coughs and sore throats. Take 3 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 table spoon of coconut oil and 1/4 table spoon of raw honey and heat it up till the coconut oil gets melted completely.

Tips : The syrup can be stored in the fridge and best used upto 2 months. If no time to prepare these cough syrup than rub the Castor oil, it is well absorbed by the body and helps to increase circulation, which stimulates our immune response.